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(Credit: Kandle / Press)


Kandle releases new song 'Misty Morning'

Kandle - 'Misty Morning'

Kandle, the criminally under-the-radar Canadian singer-songwriter, has released her newest single, the aching piano ballad ‘Misty Morning’.

The JUNO nominated artist is one of Canada’s greatest hidden treasures. With a vocal style that ranges from delicate compassion to searing indictments of asshole abusers and demonic habits, Kandle has the talent and range to sing about almost anything. Common themes in her work include the feelings of helplessness and sorrow that surround emotionally manipulative relationships and the betrayal of those who you believed would never hurt you. That’s not to say she doesn’t have fun, goofy sing-alongs, like last year’s ‘Spell’, but most of her work is noir-tinged and emotionally heavy. That’s exactly what ‘Misty Morning’ is too.

A delicate piano ballad is actually a first for Kandle Osbourne. Previous slower songs were either ghostly nightmares like ‘In Flames’ and ‘Little Girl’ or were sweeping epics like ‘In Your Shadow’ or ‘Not Up to Me’. Kandle has flirted with all different styles, from soul and desert rock to acoustic and even carnival music. But ‘Misty Morning’ proves that the artist is comfortable in just about any setting.

‘Misty Morning’, refreshingly, is a love song. As someone who’s heard the singer kick back against her own sorrows for over half a decade, it’s a welcome relief to hear her sing about finding someone who doesn’t want to just use her and throw her away. “Never did I dream I could be adored/No ones ever tried to stick around before.”

As someone who practically lives and swims in darkness, Kandle has finally seemed to reach a sense of contentment and security. As someone way too emotionally invested in her music, it’s a comforting feeling listening to ‘Misty Morning’. I love the brutal honesty of her past work, but I’m looking forward to a potentially happier Kandle that might be coming in the future.

Check out the video for ‘Misty Morning’ down, below.