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(Credit: Kai Kwasi)


Kai Kwasi shares newest single 'unt'

Kai Kwasi - 'unt'

South London’s newest bedroom pop wunderkind Kai Kwasi has released his latest single, ‘unt’.

The hazy, wavvy track is filled with sonic imperfections and jazzy touches, making it stand out in the increasingly suffocating space of bedroom pop. You’ve gotta have a unique style to stand out these days, and Kwasi is making a strong case for why he should be recognized as a rising talent.

“I recorded ‘unt’ in my room on a broken audio interface with one of those podcaster mic stands,” Kwasi explains. “In short, the song is about not being sure if you’re doing things right. The video draws parallels between moving and relationships. You move in, fill the space, paint the walls and move out. I made the vídeo with a friend from college (Clay Milner Russell). The idea was to keep it fun, and that’s pretty much what we did. They were knocking down the flats we used so it was the perfect excuse to take liberty and do things we wouldn’t be allowed to do elsewhere.”

Both ‘unt’ and the previous single ‘lakitu’ have that unmistakable tape deck kind of sound that is the bread and butter of hypnagogic pop. I’m usually a miserly old man when it comes to artists that mumble into a microphone and spell all their songs in lower case. It’s trend-chasing and is going to look absolutely ridiculous in ten years time, the equivalent of how we look at JNCO jeans now. But I can’t really fault Kwasi too much. He too easily falls into the vague space that thousands of other artists under the age of 30 fall, but it gives him a lot of space to find his own unique voice and identity. Here’s hoping he finds it.

Check out the video for ‘unt’ down below.