(Credit: Andy Witchger)


Kacey Musgraves previews two new songs


Kacey Musgraves is preparing to unleash new music on the world. Eventually.

The American singer-songwriter released the incomparable Golden Hour back in 2018. That album, despite a few melancholy moments, is largely a joyous celebration of complete amorousness and eternal love. Unfortunately, that wasn’t meant to last: just as Musgraves’ marriage to country star Ruston Kelly inspired Golden Hour, so too will her divorce from Kelly inspire her new album. Such is life in pop music.

Musgraves has described the new album as a “three part Greek tragedy” during her interviews with Rolling Stone and Stereogum earlier this year, and has cited a whole litany of inspirations ranging from the warm R&B of Bill Withers to the goofy rock and roll of Weezer. Now, we’re finally hearing the first previews of that new music.

On the most recent episode of Dr. Maya Shankar’s podcast A Slight Change Of Plans, Musgraves finally gave the people what they’ve been waiting for by previewing two new songs from the album. It’s all a cappella, but hey, it’s something. The first, called ‘Camera Roll’, includes the lines: “Don’t go through your camera roll/So much you don’t know that you’ve forgotten/What a trip, the way you can flip/Through all the good parts of it/I shouldn’t have done it/Chronological order, nothin’ but torture/Scroll too far back, that’s what you get/I don’t wanna see ’em, but I can’t delete’ em/It just doesn’t feel right yet.”

Been there, Kacey, been there. Later on in the episode, Musgraves gives another a cappella performance from a song called ‘If I Was An Angel’: “If I was an angel/I’d never have to change/I’d never have to change/ But something’s gotta change.” Again, it’s not much, but it’s the first actual taste of new music from Musgraves in nearly three and a half years, so it’s still something.

Check out excerpts down below.