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(Credit: Ronald Grant Archive / Alamy)


Justin Theroux claims that even David Lynch doesn't understand ‘Mulholland Drive’


An experimental director commonly found dabbling in the dream world, David Lynch is notoriously tight-lipped when it comes to discussing the inherent meaning behind his projects, previously stating: “The more unknowable the mystery, the more beautiful it is”.

In fact, Lynch went even further in 2018 when he told The Guardian that he would never explain his work as this would “reduce” its quality. He continued, saying: “When you finish anything, people want to talk about it. And I think it’s almost like a crime…a film or a painting – each thing is its own sort of language and it’s not right to try to say the same thing in words.”

Though perhaps Lynch himself simply does not understand his own creation? This is what Mulholland Drive star Justin Theroux suggests at least, commenting: “He wasn’t being cute or cheeky or evasive; he genuinely didn’t know”. 

In the film, Theroux plays director ‘Adam Kesher’, memorable for the mesmerising scene in which he watches Melissa Geroge’s ‘Camilla’ perform ‘I’ve Told Every Little Star’. Whilst recently discussing his experience working with Lynch on the set of the film, Theroux revealed some interesting details, noting, “He’s a total outlier because he doesn’t answer your questions…[On] the first couple days of Mulholland Drive, I was course peppering him with a million questions like, ‘Well, why am I there? Who’s the cowboy? What’s going on? What reality are we in?’”

Finally getting some sort of response from the director, Lynch states: “You know, I don’t know, buddy. But let’s find out,” left befuddled, Theroux commented: “He wasn’t being cute or cheeky or evasive; he genuinely didn’t know”.

Continuing, the actor notes that working with the director is “like you’re on an escalator into a cloud with him, you never know where the escalator lets off,” which may be the most perfect analogy of David Lynch’s surreal style that we’ve ever heard.