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(Credit: Justing Bieber Facebook)


Justin Bieber accused of sexual assault by two women


Justin Bieber has been accused of sexual assault by two women. The musician has vehemently denied the claims made against him.

Bieber has come forward to publish a lengthy denial after a woman, who was identified as Danielle, tweeted a statement in which she details an alleged incident of sexual assault. In her statement, the woman claims that an attack occurred in March 2014 in Austin, Texas.

A second woman,  identified as Kadi, also came forward and detailed an alleged incident took place in May 2015 in New York City.

“My friends and I were enjoying ourselves the entire night,” Danielle wrote in her initial statement which has now seen the original Twitter account removed. “A man then approached me and my friends and asked us if we would like to wait after the show to meet Justin,” she added. “Of course we said yes. My friends and I thought it was strange at first and sketchy, but as promised, we all waited after the show because we were fans. Justin came up to us, we took some pictures and chatted for about 20 minutes.”

Danielle then explained how she and her friends were subsequently invited to attend the Four Seasons Hotel. “Once again, we said yes,” Danielle wrote. “We didn’t think anything of it, other than hanging out with a huge celebrity. Fast forward to arriving at the hotel. Justin’s friend brought my 2 friends to a room, and then he took me to another room. Justin had made me agree not to say anything to anyone, or I can get in serious legal trouble. He asked for my phone and put it to charge.”

The statement continues to detail the evening. According to the woman, Bieber “asked [her] to join him in bed” where they kissed. Explaining in more graphic terms, Danielle alleges that the pop star “pushed [her] down onto the bed” and began undressing her before she “told him that this was going too far and that [they] should stop.”

The seriousness of the allegation is then stated when Danielle claims that Bieber told her “relax” before “pulled [her] underwear down” and “forced himself inside [her].”

“I laid there, speechless. My body felt unconscious,” she wrote. “I don’t want to go into detail about what happened next. Although, this was 6 years ago, although I was one year older than him (he was 20, I was 21), I was still sexually assaulted without consent.”

Bieber has now responded with a lengthy refutal of the allegations, claiming that Danielle’s account is “factually impossible”.

“In the past 24 hours a new Twitter appeared that told a story of myself involved with sexual abuse on March 9, 2014 in Austin Texas at the Four seasons hotel,” Bieber wrote in a statement posted to social media.

“I want to be clear. There is no truth to this story. In fact as I will soon show I was never present at that location.

“As her story told I did surprise a crowd in Austin at SXSW where I appeared on stage with my then assistant side stage and sang a few songs. What this person did not know was that I attended that show with my then gf Selena Gomez.”

He adds: “Rumors are rumors but sexual abuse is something I don’t take lightly. I wanted to speak out right away but out of respect to so many victims who deal with these issues daily I wanted to make sure I gathered the facts before I made any statement.”

While Bieber has responded to Danielle’s accusation, the singer is yet to comment on the statement made by Kadi.

In the second allegation, which arrived after that of Danielle, Kadi claims she was sexually by Bieber at Langham Hotel in New York on May 5, 2015. Kadi alleges that the musician kissed and groped her before penetrating without her consent.

The woman also claimed that she ushed and kicked Bieber before he left.