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Julz Sale of post-punk legends Delta 5 has died


Julz Sale of the trailblazing Leeds post-punk band Delta 5 has died. The age of the late singer and guitarist is not yet disclosed.

The Rough Trade record label revealed the sad news via their social media platforms, in a statement that read: “We are very sad to learn of the passing of Julz Sale, Delta 5 founding member and former employee of the Rough Trade label.”

The iconic band, who stirred up a post-punk scene in their native Leeds were recently included in our celebratory Unlucky for Some feature. We wrote: “A band with two bassists, one guitarist and nothing else is the perfect example of the rough and ready happening scene of the time.”

“It was hip to be rogue and Delta 5 perfectly embodied that. The band consisted of an all-female line-up of Julz Sale, Ros Allen and Bethan Peters who were an integral part of a contingent of art instigators, along with Gang of Four and Mekons that emerged from the Leeds funk-punk socialist scene.” 

Adding in reference to their iconic single: “‘Mind Your Own Business’ is a pounding piece of low-end groove brilliance. The bass rumbles around to a high-hat tapping drum loop whilst the band members chant unsynchronised layered verse over the top.”

Concluding: “The song is a deadpan take on feminist sarcasm, “Can I have a taste of your ice cream,” they robotically yell like an incantation, “No, mind your own business,” comes the answer.”

As the US record label, Kill Rock Stars also remarked: “[Sale’s] contribution to punk, post-punk and music at large will be felt forever.”

As of yet, no cause of death has been disclosed and the musician’s age remains unconfirmed.