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Juliette Lewis names her favourite film of all time


Juliette Lewis, an incredible actor with a unique and distinct style, has traversed both independent and mainstream cinema since her feature film debut in 1988.

Lewis, starring in vastly different projects from What’s Eating Gilbert Grape all the way to Yellowjackets, has dipped her toes into so many different genres over the years in a bid to relentless push the boundaries of her talent.

Discussing her attempts to traverse the cinema industry, Lewis once said: “The thing is, I want to play real characters and not all girls can be pretty. The thing is, you get these girls who say ‘I’m a character actor’ then you see them in a role and nothing has really changed but the outfit.” It is in that sentiment we get a genuine understanding of her artistic beliefs. “Success is a nice by-product but what I really want is work,” she added in a separate interview.

Although she’s certain to have plenty of cinematic inspirations outside of her all-time favourites, looking into the films treasured by an Academy Award-nominated actor always offers a revealing insight into the creative mindset of Hollywood’s finest.

A few years ago, Juliette Lewis sat down with MTV News to explore cinematic influences, asking the actor to name what she considered to be her favourite film of all time and, somewhat surprisingly, she opted for What About Bob? as her all-time top pick. 

What About Bob? is a comedy that stars Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss, who play a psychologist and a patient who go on a series of wacky adventures when the patient begins to follow the psychologist to his family’s country house.

Of the film, Lewis said, “My favourite movie is What About Bob? I can watch it a thousand, billion times. I’m going simple, fun. That’s my answer. I thought I saw Bill Murray last night, but it wasn’t him and my heart dropped…And ‘Baby Steps’ is my mantra, so it goes deeper than just fun.”

Of course, everyone has their comfort films and TV series that they return to for a moment of fun and laughter, and this one seems to serve that role for Lewis. However, she does make it clear that the love for the film goes beyond aimless fun, and that’s what makes for a great balance in a movie more often than not. Clearly, What About Bob? holds emotional significance to the actor in addition to being a genuinely funny and comforting watch. 

If you want to check out the comedy that Juliette Lewis considers to be one of her favourite films of all time, you can stream the trailer below.

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