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The French collage artist inspired by David Lynch's 'Twin Peaks'


French artist Julien Pacaud, who describes his work as “digital collage”, has managed to create a surreal world which blends both modern and vintage images in fascinating harmony.

Living and working in Paris, France, Pacaud underwent numerous dramatic career changes, swapping life as an astrophysician to become an international snooker player. From snooker, Pacaud became a hypnotist and, from there, an esperanto teacher.

Now though, the artist is somewhat settled in his digital life of surrealism. His process of work, it would seem, is to not have one. Describing his work as “organising chaos,” Pacaud finds images that inspire him by flicking through old magazines and books and, without thought, scans them into his computer and moves on. When the moment comes to work, the artists sits down and reviews the images he has stored up over months of searching and, without a clear view in mind, begins to create collages.

“I think that what drives my creation is my subconscious—the ways I express myself come rather randomly,” he explained in an interview with Dangerous Minds. “I also don’t feel the need to explain my artworks, and am happy for anyone who interprets my work however they want—even if I created the piece with a specific idea in mind.”

Having studied the art of cinematography as a child, Pacaud has taken inspiration from a wide-ranging source of artistic output. However, while speaking to The Plus, the artist couldn’t resist pointing out the impact David Lynch’s surreal mystery drama TV series Twin Peaks as a point of visual influence.

In the bio on his official website, Pacaud explains that he does not intent to stand still for long, hoping he can someday “have enough free time to devote himself to his real passion: time travel.”

For now though, his current work:

(All images via Julien Pacaud)