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Julien Baker - Something

Music is, at its worst, pallid and superficial – radio friendly unit shifters; at its best it’s emotive, it’s human, painfully true and beautifully painful. The latter can be used to accurately describe ‘Something’, our Track of the Day.

Bursting with lament and young sorrow, Baker’s stripped down style augments her regret-soaked lyrics. Howling “I should have let the parking lot swallow me up/I should have said something, something, something” over a simple clean electric guitar is an extremely effective way to get a point across, it turns out.

Despite the artist’s apparent dolour the track manages to be disarmingly uplifting, perhaps from her almost defiant tone, or its self awareness; either way it’s a wonderfully nuanced and layered track, managing to intertwine themes of loss and regret with a stirring atmosphere.

Released through 6131, ‘Something’ is a track from Baker’s album “Sprained Ankle”, and judging by this effort it is going to something really special.


Rory Allden