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Julien Baker shines on 'Colbert' debut

It’s been a great 12 months for Julien Baker, she continued to gather critical acclaim like oh so many squirrels and mice in fable tales, and she is now reaping her rewards as she performed on ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ for the first time.

She took to the slowly-turning famous stage to perform a track from her much-loved recent album Turn Out The Lights. She performed the title track from ‘Turn Out The Lights’ and it, as it did across the country when anybody presses play, brought the house down.

This was her late night debut and speaks highly of a big year ahead for the diminutive singer whose voice belies her size. She was as imp[ressive here as her album was last year!

Take a look below and enjoy a live performance from one of the most promising artists around.