Julien Baker and Matt Beringer share their song for Planned Parenthood 'All I Want'


The National’s Matt Beringer and the brilliant Julian Baker have shared a brand new song for their 7″ For Planned Parenthood series. Volume 2 is the wonderful ‘All I Want’ and it comes with a whole host of reasons to buy it.

Reason 1: The track is moving and sometimes frightening display of Julien Baker and Matt Beringer’s impeccable deliveries. A deeply affected song it falls between the crack of sad and comforting.

Reason 2: The song comes with the added bonus of being a big old finger up to the orange-skinned baby who is currently in the White House. Having cut finances for Planned Parenthood the project needs more help than ever.

Reason 3: You can be that help for Planned Parenthood by buying both this new track ‘All I Want’ as well as Volume 1 too!

“7-inches for Planned Parenthood is essentially an independently run record label devoted entirely to protecting sexual and reproductive rights,” Berninger said in a statement. “Thanks to the huge community of people who helped launch Volume 1, we are very excited to launch Volume 2.”

Watch below the moment Beringer joined Baker on stage during a recent boygenius performance to deliver a stunning rendition of the song. And stream it below that.