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Julian Casablancas discusses new album from Julian Casablancas+The Voidz


Julian Casablancas+The Voidz confirm second album


Julian Casablancas+The Voidz are planning to release their second studio album, guitarist Jeramy ‘Beardo’ Gritter has confirmed.

The Voidz, who released their first record Tyranny back in 2014, became only the second piece of solo work from former Strokes frontman Casablancas when it was released via his own personal label Cult Records which featured the standout 11-minute track ‘Human Sadness’.

A string of headline festival shows followed in the 12 months after the release of Tyranny before the band fell silent. Guitarist Gritter, however, has explained how The Voidz intend to share new material while in a conversation with the Gear Fiends podcast: “Gonna be called The Voidz,” Gritter says. “That’s gonna come out I think in the fall, or maybe the beginning of next year.”

It is thought that new album The Voidz has been in the works for well over 18 months.