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(Credit: Julian Casablancas)


(Julian Casablancas +) The Voidz have shared new track 'Leave It In My Dreams'


Julian Casablancas latest band The Voidz have not only gone for anew name change, formerly being Julian Casablancas + The Voidz (pedantic little…), but the former Strokes frontman and co. have released ‘Leave It In My Dreams’ to get you through your working week.

There’s been a lot of noise coming form The Voidz as they gear up to release a new album this year. It’s included a few festival performances and some new songs being played on Brazilian television, but now we have something a little more tangible.

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The track is a move away from the glitchier side of the indie train tracks the band were throwing their rocks from. This one feels a lot less confrontational and instead champions melody and Casablancas vocal above over-zealous synths and needless Scary Movie vocal manipulation.

‘Leave It In My Dreams’ speaks highly of what’s to come this year and as it appears The Voidz get a little more serious, leaving their Nintendo rhetoric and post-modernism behind, we could all be in for a better time.