Julian Casablancas covers The Velvet Underground’s ‘Run Run Run’


The former Strokes front man, Julian Casablancas, has given us a little nugget of New York this morning. With the ever-loved drawl of Casablancas’ vocals pawing at the brilliant ‘Run Run Run’ from his idols The Velvet Underground.

The track features as part of the new HBO show Vinyl which focuses on the tumultuous rock and roll scene in the 70’s. Co-created by Mick Jagger and Martin Scorsese, the track doesn’t differ from the 1967 original. Fitting really after Casablancas described Lou Reed as “the reason I do everything”.

The track may also hint that there will be an appearance form a fictionalised The Velvet Underground later on in the series.

For now though, listen to Casablancas channel his hero the only way he knows how.