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Julia Jacklin sets herself free on 'Head Alone'

Julia Jacklin is one of our personal faves. The Aussie artist has been casting a singer/songwriter spell over us since 2016’s brilliant LP Don’t Let The Kids Win. Her latest release is another flick of her wand, ‘Head Alone’ is our Track of the Day.

The new song ‘Head Alone’ also comes with the news of a new album called Crushing that will be coming out on February 22nd through Transgressive. It’s a welcomed return to her solo work and a return for us to one of our favourite vocals around.

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Jacklin’s voice is so singular and poignant across her work that it makes every theme within her eclectic song-writing cannon feel extremely personal and affected. It’s something which carries over on to new song ‘Head Alone’.

Speaking on the new track, Jacklin says: “I wrote most of ‘Head Alone’ on tour, singing it to myself, looking out the window on endless car journeys. It’s not a song that comes from a singular experience. It came from two years of feeling like the space around me shrinking to the point where I couldn’t even raise my arms. This song is me raising my arms and running into an open field. A bit of a plea to those around me to give me space and a song to remind myself that it’s okay to enforce boundaries, the good people in your life will listen, adapt and still love you.”

Take a listen to the new track below.