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Julia Jacklin is absolutely 'Crushing' on her sophomore album

'Crushing' - Julia Jacklin

Julia Jacklin has been a long time favourite in the Far Out offices. The honesty and authenticity of her debut record. 2016’s Don’t Le The Kids Win, blew us away. Her new LP Crushing is another stepping stone to greatness as Jacklin delivers again and again.

One of the key features of her debut three years ago was Jacklin’s vocal and it takes centre stage again on this album. It’s not just beautiful it feels solid, unaffected and idiosyncratic of today’s world. For every piece of delicacy, there’s a husky grit, for every quiver of vulnerability there’s a powerful note of strength. It’s a facet of her work which never seems to falter.

While Jacklin‘s main instrument, her voice, stands out in front on this album there’s a more notable backing band of talent to fill the stage. Sonically she’s developing far beyond her years making what can sometimes seem a simple set-up feel lush and luxurious, adding extra gravitas to the other string in Julia’s bow – her clever songwriting.

Lead single ‘Body’ is a shining example of her growth from bedroom pop star to the voice of her generation. She offers a cutting and deliberate barrier “I don’t want to be touched all the time, I raised my body to be mine” in the face of a growing movement of female justification and revolution. The lyricism continues as Jacklin provides vital viewpoints on forced fun (‘Pressure to Party’) and the pressurising nature of relationships on ‘You Were Right’.

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But the best thing about Crushing is that all of the above growth and development effortlessly falls in line next to one another and because of it shows Julia Jacklin as one of the more important artists of the moment.

Whether it’s offering a nuanced view on the world around us, strengthening her personal resolve or simply providing beautiful songs, it’s clear to us that Julia Jacklin will be singing to our souls for years to come.