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Julia Jacklin has shared new video for single 'Coming of Age'


Julia Jacklin has shared a new video for ‘Coming of Age,’ a track taken from her debut album, Don’t Let The Kids Win.

A resolve to accept the passing of time, the snappy fuzz of ‘Coming of Age’ perfectly encapsulates the mood of Julia’s debut. Discussing the video, Jacklin offered the following:

“I spent a lot of my teenage years wandering the streets of my hometown Springwood, so it seemed fitting to make the music video for ‘Coming Of Age’ with my high school friend behind the camera and my younger brother and I in front,” she said.

“My first job was at the Springwood gardens Chinese restaurant and I managed to get my old boss in a shot. I didn’t think he’d remember me, it’s been a decade since I spent my weekends cleaning plates and putting prawn crackers in the deep fryer.”

About the track, Julia said: “It’s louder than my other songs… more guitars, more noise. It’s about the need for a new muse when one has given you all it can. It’s also like a mirror pep talk. Looking at yourself in the mirror and saying, “Come on, girl!”, stop fretting over the passing of time and just get to work.”

‘Coming of Age’