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(Credit: Tammy Nguyen)


Julia Holter shares cover of Fleetwood Mac song 'Gold Dust Woman'

Julia Holter has shared a mesmerising cover of Fleetwood Mac song ‘Gold Dust Woman’.

The track, which is available widely for the first time since its creation in 2012, was recorded after the release of Ekstasis, Holter’s take on Stevie Nicks’ hit adds another dimension to a classic track.

The song, originally featuring on Fleetwood Mac’s best selling record Rumours, was first released as the B-side to the single ‘Don’t Stop’ and was reportedly recorded at 4am after a long and troublesome night in the studio.

While written and performed by Nicks, the track maintains a piece of bizarre history for the band as Mick Fleetwood famously pioneered a new recording sound when he smashed a sheet of glass to accentuate Stevie’s vocals. “He was wearing goggles and coveralls — it was pretty funny,” producer Ken Caillat once commented. “He just went mad, bashing glass with this big hammer. He tried to do it on cue, but it was difficult. Eventually, we said, ‘Just break the glass,’ and we fit it all in.”

Holter, speaking about her decision to record the cover, said in a statement: “I always wanted to make this cover available officially. I recorded it at home in 2012 for a Mojo special on Fleetwood Mac.

“The propulsive dark vibe of this song was appealing and I think the raw energy of my recording captures an exhilarated moment in time for me, in which I was about to start touring, playing my own music for the first time.”

Stream the rendition, below.