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Judge Tells Us What We Already Know About Mark E. Smith

In a rather strange but entirely predictable turn of events a Judge has deemed Mark E. Smith’s delivery of lyrics incomprehensible and left the music world finally being able to nod in agreement.

There’s no doubting The Fall man’s talent and nose for finding a poignant lyric but in the recent court case over contentious lyrics whereby former Fall member and founder of InvisibleGirl Records Julia Adamson and Steven Sharples (one of the band’s producers) who claim to have co-written lyrics to ‘Touch Sensitive’.

The Judge said, “Mr Smith delivers the lyrics in a manner which at some points makes it hard to hear the words.” Following with “I accept the contention that the line is not ‘And a Star Wars police vehicle Paul’s off’, but … the more comprehensible ‘And a Star Wars police vehicle pulls up’.”

But in the end the Judge ruled that the claim was unsustainable and Smith left with his wallet if not his pride intact.