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Joy Again - Looking Out For You

Some pop stars are happy to sit back, plug Botox in to their face and  wait for their next cheque others a pure music addicts making infectious pop purely because they’re infected. Shamir is one of the latter. A confessed music addict , Shamir is now managing Pennsylvania band Joy Again and their new song ‘Looking Out For You’ is our Track of the Day.

Shamir may be a funky-ass pop diva in his own right, but man has he got an ear for a great band. Joy Again add a touch of folk to The Strokes, more dimnesion to Darwin Deez and continue to blaze the trail left smouldering by The Districts emergence last year.

Adding pop-punk vocals to gentle indie pop rhythms lands the band and ‘Looking Out For You’ in ‘catchy-as-hell’ territory something Shamir himself is no stranger to. Released via Lucky Number Music the song smacks of a road trip soundtrack. Uplifting and casual but still poignant enough to make your head bop, not only without consent, but in agreement to their dark filling under the sugary surface.

The five piece aren’t quite at their managers level yet but with these kinds of hooks are devilish lyricism they soon will be. Pop the way pop should be, like an inviting dirty pin. Sharp, sleek and with a nasty undercurrent.