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Josh T. Pearson shares the video for ‘Straight At Me’


Josh T. Pearson has shared the video for ‘Straight At Me’.

“I’ve always dreamt of wrestling a redneck Cupid and I finally got my chance.”

Directed by Fidel Ruiz-Healy and Tyler Walker of the American Standard Film Co., the video is a love story following two characters from bar room to marriage – a “phantasmagoria of love” as seen through the lens of the Lone Star State’s history and TV stations.

Fidel Ruiz-Healy and Tyler Walker explain: “With Straight At Me, we wanted to capture the humour and sardonic tone of Josh’s song and personality. We all came up with a video that would play out as a phantasmagoria of love across Texas history.

“We wanted to use the iconography of Texas to exploring how Texas and relationships both romanticise themselves. Filmed in Texas, we created a tale that showcased a life of love flashing before Josh’s character’s eyes after falling for the local bartender. We see them go from revolutionaries and cowboys to bank robbers and car dealers, to two-stepping in heaven after wrestling off cupid’s intervention, but ultimately ending up fat in bed watching their dreams pass them by on TV. As we saw it, a truly romantic love story.”