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(Credit: Christopher William Adach)


Joseph Gordon-Levitt wants to release an album

Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt has revealed that he plans to record his debut solo album. The actor spoke to NME about his recent Apple TV+ show Mr Corman and also announced his ambitions to try his hand as a musician.

The 500 Days of Summer star discussed his online media platform and collaborative project, HitRecord. The scheme aims to bring users together to work on a variety of different projects in media. Gordon-Levitt also teased fans with his wish to get in on the creative action and release an album of his own.

“HitRecord has put out a bunch of music, it’s true, and I love making music with them,” he explained. “I’ve never put out an album (on my own), the records we’ve put out on HitRecord are usually things I’m contributing to and offering feedback on a lot, but there are lots of people from all over the world making that music.”

He continued: “I’ve always thought it would be fun to make an album of my own, I’ve still never done it. Maybe one day. It’s also been a big fun part of Mr Corman: we got to make a bunch of music and I’m really proud.”

Mr Corman is written by and stars Gordon-Levitt, and it has been received to a warm reception. It follows the titular Mr Corman, a school teacher experiencing somewhat of a personal crisis. A former musician, he wonders where time has gone and is evaluating his lot in life. A slow burner, to begin with, the show perfectly captures modern anxieties.

In other news regarding the Don Jon star, Gordon-Levitt has been cast as the co-founder of Uber, Travis Kalanick, in the anthology series Super Pumped. The show is set to explore a story that changed the business world and culture as we know it. Based on Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber by Mike Isaac, it will detail Uber’s beginnings and Kalanick’s departure from the global giant. 

Watch the trailer for Mr Corman, below.