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Jordan Peele to Daniel Kaluuya: "You’re my De Niro"

Jordan Peele might have directed only two feature films but he has already established himself as one of the most prominent horror filmmakers in the world, known primarily for his outstanding debut Get Out. Starting out in the domain of comedy, Peele has constantly proven that he is a true creative visionary at various points in his career.

Currently, Peele is preparing for the release of his latest directorial project called Nope – a sci-fi horror film revolving around the residents of a town in the middle of nowhere who are subjected to unexplainable events. It stars Peele’s previous collaborator Daniel Kaluuya who gave his breakthrough performance in Get Out.

In a recent interview, the director revealed that he thinks of his partnership with Kaluuya as a bond that is similar to the one shared by Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro. Peele said: “It’s so funny but by the point I was in the middle of [shooting] Get Out, that’s what I was telling him. I was like [makes serious eye contact], ‘You’re my De Niro, man. You’re my De Niro.”

Talking about their creative partnership, Peele claimed that they had a connection from the very beginning. In fact, the filmmaker plans to solidify their relationship with more films in the future to rival the partnership of Scorsese and De Niro. He commented: “We do have a bond. The first big movie he was a lead in, and my directorial debut, was Get Out.”

Adding, “And we bonded because we went through that together. In the beginning of that, it feels like two people who have faith in each other, then by the end, it all works. So I just couldn’t wait to further that relationship and explore a completely new character with Daniel.”

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