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Jordan Peele named his favourite horror soundtrack of all time

Jordan Peele has been experiencing a fantastic trajectory after making the jump from comedy to horror. Since his highly acclaimed directorial debut Get Out, Peele has established himself as one of the most prominent practitioners of the genre and has already set his sights on new projects while continuing to improve as a filmmaker.

Currently, Peele is looking forward to the release of his latest film which is scheduled to come out later this year. Titled Nope, this one is another addition to the growing oeuvre of modern horror films and will star Peele’s previous collaborator Daniel Kaluuya alongside others such as the incredibly talented Steven Yeun.

Many fans area already looking forward to this new film, especially after Get Out was named as the greatest screenplay of the 21st century by the Writers Guild of America. These accolades have reinforced the claim that Peele possesses one of the freshest artistic voices in the landscape of contemporary horror cinema.

“All my work is pointed at this idea of humanity’s dark side,” Peele said in an interview, while explaining the frameworks of his artistic vision. “We have demons sewn into our DNA. Evolution has brought us to a place where we want to be good, for the most part. But we’ll never be all good. We’ll always have this other side.”

As is natural, many horror fans have also been curious about Peele’s own preferences when it comes to the history of the genre. He has already been compared to Alfred Hitchcock, a comparison that the director did not really welcome because of Hitchcock’s terrible reputation but he did admit that he was a fan of the auteur’s craft.

When asked about his favourite soundtrack in a horror film, Peele did not hesitate to name Charles Bernstein’s fantastic score for Wes Craven’s 1984 classic A Nightmare on Elm Street which has been immortalised in popular culture due to the extensive legacy of the franchise. While talking about the score, Peele said: “It just gets me. It’s so creepy.”

Listen to the soundtrack of A Nightmare on Elm Street below.