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Joni Mitchell - 'Blue'


Joni Mitchell shares rare video message on the 50th anniversary of ‘Blue’


Iconic singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell has shared a rare video message as she reflects on the 50th anniversary of her legendary album, Blue.

The record, which was released on June 22, 1971, by Reprise Records and featured tracks such as ‘A Case of You’, ‘Little Green’, ‘River’ and other timeless classics, propelled Mitchell to international fame and remains her lasting legacy to the music industry.

Widely accepted by many to be one of the greatest albums of all time, Mitchell exhibited her unrivalled songwriting ability as she delivered a deeply intense body of work that was created in the immediate aftermath of her relationship with James Taylor breaking down.

Now, as Mitchell reflects on 50 years of the project, she released a rare message to remember her most famous album. “I’m so pleased with all of the positive attention that ‘Blue’ is receiving these days,” Mitchell said in the video message.

Adding: “When it was first released it fell heir to a lot of criticism. So 50 years later people finally get it [Laughs], and that pleases me. Thank you.”

See the clip, below.