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Jonah Hill shares playlist from his new film 'Mid90s'


Jonah Hill has released a Spotify playlist of songs taken from his forthcoming film Mid90s. 

The move is being billed as ‘the first ever Official Motion Picture Playlist’ and includes songs from the likes of Nirvana, Pixies, A Tribe Called Quest, Misfits, GZA and more. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Hill said: “The playlist nature of the music in the film so naturally extends to the way we listen to and share music now.”

“A traditional soundtrack, at least with predominantly pre-existing songs, doesn’t make sense in a world of streaming when the songs are widely available,” he added.

“The music in Mid90s is incredibly personal to me.” He continued, “The film was written and shot to these specific tracks, many of which were so important to my own life growing up.”

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The film, written and directed by Hill, follows 13-year-old Stevie over the course of the summer as he makes friends with a group of skaters and marks his directional debut. The film also stars Lady Bird‘s Lucas Hedges as Stevie’s older brother and Katherine Waterston as their mother.

Waterston, who doesn’t appear in the trailer, recently heaped praise on Hill’s directing skills, saying: “He is a brilliant director. The cast was incredible. Sunny Suljic plays my son, and he is one of the most extraordinary little creatures I have ever met. He is incredibly talented, very young and an amazing skateboarder and just a cool kid.”

Adding a summary of the film, Waterson added: “It is about a skateboarding kid, there’s also the family story that’s very intense and painful and complicated. I play the mum. But she’s not a typical mom. Lucas Hedges is my other son.”

Click here to view the trailer. 

For now, enjoy the Hill’s playlist: