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‘Spider-Man’ director Jon Watts is set to produce ‘Final Destination 6'

When Final Destination first came out, it was dismissed by many critics but the film became a cultural phenomenon due to its impeccable ability to conduct incredibly entertaining exploitation of one of our greatest evolutionary vulnerabilities – the fear of human mortality. Now, Spider-Man: No Way Home director Jon Watts is set to take Final Destination into the future.

Through its incredibly direct take on our vehement denial and the consequent inevitability of death, Final Destination stirred something in the mainstream consciousness. Due to the incredible commercial success which happened as a result of that, several additions to the franchise were made including multiple books as well as four other films.

The last instalment in the Final Destination series was made back in 2011 with the fifth film. At the time, it was reported that two sequels were set to come out if Final Destination 5 was a commercial success. Despite the fact that the film scored big at the box office, new projects did not really surface until the arrival of the next film in the series was announced in 2019.

Final Destination creator Jeffrey Reddick confirmed that such a project was in the works even before the Covid-19 pandemic set in but with the new reports, the ambiguity surrounding Final Destination 6 has lifted to some extent as new details have come to light. Fans can now rest assured that the much-awaited sequel is finally ready to be released.

Guy Busick and Lori Evans Taylor came aboard the Final Destination 6 team as screenwriters for the new project while Jon Watts, who recently found unprecedented success with his Marvel venture, signed on as a producer for this new film. HBO Max have confirmed that Final Destination 6 will be available for streaming on the platform.