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(Credit: DoD News)


Jon Stewart calls the backlash to Spotify and Joe Rogan an 'overreaction'


Jon Stewart has supported Joe Rogan as the Spotify debate rumbles on and called the backlash an ‘overreaction’.

Rogan has been under criticism for spreading misinformation regarding Covid on his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, which is exclusively available on Spotify. In response, Neil Young asked the platform to remove his music, and more artists have since decided to also take down their work on the streaming service.

The comedian sincerely apologised for not having enough of a balanced debate. He also promised to “try harder” and to “do my best to make sure I’ve researched these topics”.

Now, Jon Stewart has sided with Rogan. Speaking on his new Apple + show The Problem With Jon Stewart, he suggested while the podcast host sometimes gets things wrong, he doesn’t have an agenda and isn’t deliberately trying to be controversial.

“First of all, I love Neil Young and I love Neil Young’s music,” the comic explained. “But the idea that it was worth $4 billion in value to Spotify? (That) caught me off guard.”

“Don’t leave, don’t abandon, don’t censor,” Stewart added. “Engage. I’m not saying that it’s always going to work out truthfully, but I am always of the mindset that engagement, and especially with someone like a Joe Rogan, who is not in my mind an ideologue in any way.”

He then highlighted the viral moment Rogan had Josh Szeps on the show and held his hands up that he was in the wrong. Stewart continued: “If you are an ideologue, or if you are a dishonest person — Tucker Carlson never would have looked it up and would have given that look he gives, like somebody’s giving him a confusion enema. Like they’re just firing confusion up his ass. And Joe just went, ‘Oh, I didn’t know… uh, okay. I didn’t get that’.”

Watch the clip below.