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Steve Gullick


Jon Hopkins new music will “induce trips” in listeners


Jon Hopkins is continuing his electronic pursuit of primordial spiritualism with his latest sonic instalment that claims to be able to induce a hallucination-like response in the listeners. 

The multi-media instalment combines a light flicker sequence, trance music and the latest neurological science to provide an otherworldly experience simply called the ‘Dreamachine’. 

According to neuroscientists, Hopkins’ latest project is purposefully designed to engage a reaction known as “stroboscopically induced visual hallucinations.”

Alongside the latest science, Hopkins has also teamed up with a slew of philosophers for the project to create a truly immersive spiritual experience geared towards the “loss of ego and the beginning of shared experience.”

The innovative multi-media project comes with the following simplified synopsis: “Dreamachine is an immersive journey into light, sound, colour and imagination. Close your eyes and explore the limitless potential of the human mind.”

For those of you who are keen to experience such a trip then the project is set to tour this spring with confirmed dates at Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh and London to be announced imminently.