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Johnny Marr teaches you to play The Smiths' 'The Headmaster Ritual' in new clip


The ever-beloved Johnny Marr took to Fender’s Instagram account yesterday to not only share his thoughts on some of his new kit but also teach us all how to play The Smiths’ classic ‘The Headmaster Ritual’.

The Meat Is Murder track has been a stalwart of many Smiths fans’ continuous rotation and ranks highly as one of their most cherished songs. Now, Marr is here to teach you how to play it.

Marr is here for a lesson but also to share some of the new kit he’s been working with. As well as his stunning custom sparkle Jag, Marr shares his thoughts on Fender’s new amp too. He’s a big fan.

Soon enough though the legendary Mancunian guitarist back doing what he does best, not only playing the guitar but talking about it. Over the years Marr has relished telling fans how we wrote The Smiths’ music, and he doesn’t shy away here either.

The 8 minute clip sees Marr guide you through one of the band’s iconic songs as the guitarist, “gives us unique access to his home studio where he performs and then teaches how to play ‘The Headmaster Ritual’ by The Smiths.

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It’s a brilliant clip for any budding guitarist or Smiths fan as it not only sees Marr play the track but give some in-depth hints as to how to play the song. You can watch the full clip below.