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(Credit: Salford Uni)


Johnny Marr answers fans questions about The Smiths online

Johnny Marr has been using his time in self-isolation amid the coronavirus outbreak to speak to fans online and answer some age-old questions about The Smiths.

The former Smiths guitarist also opened up about his most underrated song in the band’s extensive back catalogue and the tracks he wished he had written.

Marr was on Instagram when he opened up the floor to his fans for a small Q&A session. The iconic Mancunian said of the songs he wished he had written: “‘Waterloo Sunset’ the Kinks, ‘Lola’, by The Kinks, ‘Gimme Danger’, Iggy and the Stooges and ‘Shake Appeal’ by James Williamson from Iggy and Stooges ‘Raw Power’.”

You can’t ever keep Marr from strumming a few notes and he provided a small rendition of the latter track. He also went on to perform a few bars of his Billie Eilish collaboration, the James Bond theme song, ‘No Time To Die’.

There was also time to reflect on his favourite band of the moment (Fontaines D.C.), his most underrated Smiths song and thinking behind the band’s ‘A Rush and a Push and The Land is Ours’. Marr said of the song: “I feel alright about it, that’s why I did it. That was the whole plan.

“Before ‘Strangeways’ was done, for a few months before I really wanted to open the album, however, I was going to do it, with a song with no guitar parts on it…as a challenge and also I was kinda very bored of the whole ‘jingle jangle’ thing, it seemed like we were being put in that box…so I thought I’d try and sneak on the first track onto the album and see if anyone noticed. And nobody noticed until I told everybody.”

Opening up about The Smith’s most underrated track, Marr said: “Maybe ‘Stretch Out and Wait’, ‘Half a Person’, I always liked those two songs.”