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Johnny Marr discusses the "poignant" moment he played live with Alex Turner


Johnny Marr, best known for being the guitarist and co-songwriter of iconic indie band The Smiths, has been talking about the time he shared a stage with Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner.

Marr took mart in a fan led Q&A on the Guardian and was asked about the time he joined The Last Shadow Puppets on stage in 2016 in London and Manchester. Reflecting on the time and place, the former Smiths guitarist described the moment as “poignant” as he was in the midst of writing difficult chapters of his autobiography: “Okay – this is what happened,” Marr began. “When I was writing my autobiography and I got to the part where the Smiths were about to break up, I was writing about Last Night I Dreamt Somebody Loved Me as not only does it remind me of that time but it’s my favourite Smiths song. I got a call from Alex inviting me to play with the Shadow Puppets and asked if I minded playing a Smiths song.

“For some reason I assumed they wanted to play Last Night… or something like that,” he continued. “I was in a very weird headspace as I was writing about the breakup – a bit frazzled, slightly burnt out and strangely emotional. Then I got a message that they wanted to play Last Night… We played it in Manchester first and I’d forgotten that the Smiths had never played it live.

“It was a nice moment and went off okay but when we played it again at Alexandra Palace, and opened the show with it, confetti was raining down on everybody from the ceiling and it was a really poignant moment for me. There’s a good recording of it on YouTube, it was just another one of those weird things that happens in life sometimes.

Moving on, Marr expressed his approval of Arctic Monkeys new album Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino by saying: “I love the new Arctic Monkeys record – it’s very self-aware and feels like another chapter in an ongoing long story.”

After all that, here’s the performance with the Shadow Puppets: