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Johnny Depp will play guitar at Shane MacGowan's wedding


In one of the stranger stories of the day, it has emerged that Johnny Depp will play guitar at Pogue’s singer Shan MacGowan’s wedding to long-term girlfriend Victoria Clarke at a ceremony in Copenhagen later today.

Having been friends with the legendary singer for over 20 years, Depp will pick up the guitar for the prince of punk for the second time in a year having previously performed at the star’s 60th birthday earlier in the year.

Future Mrs MacGowan, Victoria Clarke revealed: “Johnny Depp is going to be the wedding guitarist”.

“Shane and I are both introverts and we decided that the only solution was to just elope together to someplace that we know nobody and nobody knows us, and keep it a secret.

“But I have discovered something about weddings that I had not realised. People really, really want to show that they love the people that they care about. So, much as we might have liked our wedding to be a non-event, and because we have found it impossible to keep it a total secret, a few of our friends and family have elected to make it a tiny but beautiful thing”.