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(Credit: Nico Genin)


Johnny Depp to pursue defamation case against Amber Heard


Since 2018, the unfurling case of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s litigious break-up has been occupying headlines. In the latest turn of events, it would seem that Johnny Depp has been granted legal permission to proceed with his defamation lawsuit against his former partner. 

A Virginia judge has granted that Pirates of the Caribbean actor the right to be able to take his ex-wife to court and sue over defamation for a Washington Post op-ed that she penned about surviving domestic violence

Court papers have revealed that Heard’s request to dismiss the case before it gets to court was denied. The papers also showed that this defamation act dates back to 2019 when Depp also unsuccessfully pursued a libel suit against The Sun for labelling him a “wife beater”. However, the aptly named judge, Mr Justice Nicol, ruled in favour of the paper.  

Depp deemed the accusations against him to be wholly false and believes that he has been boycotted by Hollywood over the damaging claims made by his wife. 

In a recent interview with The Times, Depp discussed how his forthcoming role as a beleaguered photojournalist in the middle of a media storm in the film Minimata, bears a resemblance to his own troubled situation. 

Deep remarked: “Some films touch people… and this affects those in Minamata and people who experience similar things. And for anything… for Hollywood’s boycott of, erm, me? One man, one actor in an unpleasant and messy situation, over the last number of years?”

Further details on the case are expected in the coming weeks.