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John Williams' iconic score for 'Lost In Space' heads to vinyl


John Williams’ iconic soundtrack for the TV series Lost In Space is getting a very special vinyl pressing.

The new package, arriving just in time for Christmas, compiles over two hours of score on four loverly coloured records.

“In doing research for this vinyl box set, we discovered [Williams] was drafted and spent three years in the Air Force, conducting and arranging music for the U.S. Air Force Band,” SpaceLab9 say of the reissue.

“His jazz piano name was ‘Little Johnny Love’ Williams. For his work on Lost in Space, he was credited as Johnny Williams. Spacelab9 has collected almost 3 hours of music from four different episodes of Lost in Space onto these gorgeous vinyl pressings in shades of purple, blue, green, and orange to match the aesthetic of the show. Dust off the record player and travel back in time with us!”

Lost In Space was aired between 1966-68 in black and white, transformed into colour for the second series.