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John Lee Hancock is adapting Stephen King short story 'Mr. Harrigan’s Phone'


John Lee Hancock is teaming up with Netflix to write and direct Stephen King short story Mr. Harrigan’s Phone.

In what will arrive as the Netflix’s fourth Stephen King feature adaptation, Mr. Harrigan’s Phone was initially released as a collection of four previously unpublished novellas by King under the name of If It Bleeds.

The streaming platform is handing the adaptation project a major investment as the prolific producing combination of Ryan Murphy and Jason Blum’s Blumhouse company is on board to create the film.

“A teenager finds that a dead friend’s cell phone that was buried with the body still communicates from beyond the grave,” a synopsis of the story reads. “Craig gets a job working for the retired Mr. Harrigan when he’s just nine years old, watering plants and reading to the old man, who has retired to the small town of Harlow, Maine, after a successful business career. As the years go on, Craig buys an iPhone for him as a thank you gift after a scratch-off lotto ticket that Harrigan had gifted the boy pays off.

“The old man is reluctant to accept the phone at first, but comes to enjoy it. When Mr. Harrigan dies, Craig places the phone in his pocket to be buried with him. One night, missing his friend, he leaves a voice message. To his shock, he gets a text in return. Craig will learn that not everything dead is gone.”

John Lee Hancock, a filmmaker who enjoyed critical success with his 2009 film The Blind Side, is working at a much more prolific pace in recent years following the release of 2016 film The Founder and, of course, 2019 effort The Highwaymen.

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