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John Krasinski reveals ‘A Quiet Place Part III’ release date

John Krasinski emerged as a popular culture icon due to his work in the incredibly popular sitcom The Office which can only be described as a cultural phenomenon. While Krasinski appeared in other notable films, it was all overshadowed by The Office until he became the director a highly successful horror franchise – A Quiet Place.

Before that, Krasinski had tried his hand at directing on multiple occasions. From episodes of The Office to misfires such as Brief Interviews with Hideous Men and The Hollars, Krasinski failed to properly breakthrough as a director but he managed to do just that and more when he decided to enter the horror genre in 2018.

Before he made A Quiet Place, Krasinski was apprehensive about his approach to the genre as well as the opportunity of serving as a director. However, things started falling into place for him when his partner Emily Blunt agreed to star in the project and even urged him to helm the film instead of selecting someone else.

In an interview, Krasinski said: “I have the deepest respect for the genre and the deepest respect for horror fans. I know the lengths and the depths that horror fans go to, and I didn’t want to let anyone down, so I really had to think about, what was it that I could do? What could I bring that would be the best for the movie? But I think it was because this one just started coming out of me.”

Lucky for him, A Quiet Place became an unprecedented commercial success and grossed over $350 million at the global box office. Last year, Krasinski released a sequel which also made about $300 million and proved that the franchise has retained its commercial viability. Krasinski has revealed that A Quiet Place Part III is already in the works and will be released in 2025.

Watch the trailer for A Quiet Place Part II below.