John J. Presley Announces 'White Ink' EP for July 24th with new single ‘Come Calling’

John J. Presley Announces ‘White Ink’ EP for July 24th with new single ‘Come Calling’

Following his 2014 singles ‘Honeybee’ and ‘Left’, John J. Presley has announced the release of his debut EP White Ink, due out from July 24th.

Opting to record White Ink completely live and true has given Presley the opportunity to stay true to his electric blues roots, giving himself the chance to exhibit his raw live performances that have seen him pick up an avid following.

John explained more about how White Ink was captured in a single 8-hour run at Toe Rag Studios with Liam Watson whilst on a rare break from tour:

“Recording at that hallowed space in London gives you a limited spectrum as you don’t have a thousand plugins to play with or hours to kill. It’s very performance based and the truest sound I’ve ever heard of myself.”

For now though, Far Out’s Track of the Day, ‘Come Calling’:

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