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(John Erhardt on the right)


John Erhardt, the guitarist of Wussy and Ass Ponys, has died aged 58


John Erhardt, the guitarist of Ohio rock groups Wussy and Ass Ponys, has died at the age of 58.

The news was of Erhardt’s death was confirmed by his bandmates as Wussy took to social media to share a statement: “There’s no easy way to say this but our friend and band mate John Erhardt has left us. He died this past Monday,” the group wrote: “The details aren’t ours to know or share so as a courtesy please don’t inquire.”

“John and I have been in and out of bands together for the last thirty years or better,” the statement continues. “We started Ass Ponys without ever discussing what we wanted to be or do. We just came up with stuff, played it the best we could and eventually made records.”

Ass Pon”I remember getting home from a practice one night where we’d discussed it and getting a call from John, who let me know that ‘we’re not changing our name…it’s chicken shit’. So we kept Ass Ponys and drifted through major label land for a couple of albums. Flash forward a few years. John had been out of and back in Ass Ponys and I was starting a new band called Wussy. AP was dissolving and I got another call from John. ‘Wussy huh? You picked another winner’. A few more years went by and through some sort of osmosis John joined Wussy. He just showed up at a practice one night and never left.”

“Those of you who knew John know that he held certain things ever close to his heart. His friends and his passion for his work in music and film would all be high on that list. But most of all, it was his family, especially his wife Denise and daughter Ivy…his great loves.

“He would misplace items constantly on the road, but he would never permit himself to be more than a few inches away from his most beloved tour accessory – a keychain holding a photo of him and his daughter from a vacation years ago. It was his good luck charm. It brought him home.”

See the full statement, below.