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(Credit: Warner Bros.)


John David Washington shares thoughts on viral ‘Tenet’ fan theory


Tenet star John David Washington has added fuel to the viral fan theory regarding Christopher Nolan’s latest mindboggling film and has refused to deny whether the theory is false.

Since the release of the film last month, fans have been left confused and pondering potential theories about Tenet, many speculating specifically online about the story about Robert Pattinson’s character, Neil. The theory doing the rounds suggests that Neil is that he is actually a grown-up version of Max, the son of Andrei Sator (Kenneth Branagh) and Kat (Elizabeth Debicki).

The theory originated from Reddit and derives largely from Neil as he reveals to the protagonist (John David Washington) that it was “the end of a beautiful friendship” and that a future version of the character actually recruited Neil for his mission.

Another reason that fans believe Pattinson’s character is Max is that his name is short for Maximilien in one less-common spelling of the name and, if you take the last four letters and reverse them, you get Neil. There is also the ‘Britishness’ link between him and his alleged mother Kat, which has raised eyebrows with Nolan fans.

In a new interview, Washington—who plays the role of Protagonist in the film which has been met by mixed reviews—commented on this theory Neil’s identity and said that he was aware of this theory which has been doing the rounds.

“I saw that one the other day – I like that!” he told Esquire. “I don’t know if it’s true or not.” He added that the true identity of Neil would likely not be revealed until a second Tenet movie was made.

“You gotta ask Chris [Nolan], but if there’s another [movie] and they introduce that, that would be a lot of fun,” he said. “We’ll see what happens.”