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(Credit: Gage Skidmore)


John Boyega to star in the Guard Brothers' new film 'Borderland'


John Boyega has landed a role in the upcoming IRA thriller Borderland.

The film, directed by the sibling duo of Charles and Thomas Guard, will see Boyega reunite with his Detroit co-star Jack Reynor who has also been confirmed for the upcoming project.

Borderland will tell the story of an Irish paramilitary—played by Reynor—who witnesses his pregnant wife killed by a SAS sergeant named Tempest during a fatal and error-ridden ambush. Boyega has been cast to play the role of the sergeant and will also work alongside the likes of Jodie Turner-Smith, Felicity Jones and more.

After Tempest returns to London to front up a counter-terrorist operation, the Irish paramilitary is overwhelmed by grief and decides to join a brutal active service unit who cause mayhem through the capital city. The plot follows the man in a bid to seek revenge for his wife’s murder.

The Guard Brothers, whose debut feature The Uninvited went on to triumph at the box office by grossing $42million worldwide, have been backed by UK sales company Rocket Science who are selling and financing the new project.

“Borderland is a vengeance fuelled chase movie, fusing some pulse ticking action with a powerful message for our times,” the brothers said of the film. “We’re thrilled that the script, driven as much by character as it is by plot, has attracted such a first rate cast.”

Chris Coen, who is acting as producer on the project, added: “It’s been a pleasure working with Rocket Science putting the film together and I couldn’t be more excited to get this prodigious project into production later this year. The Guard Brothers make for a terrific team who are assembling a formidable cast and crew.”