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Joey Maxwell shares hazy new single 'Leaves Blow Over'

Joey Maxwell - 'Leaves Blow Over'

Joey Maxwell has shared his hazy brand new single, ‘Leaves Blow Over’.

The promising singer-songwriter first emerged back at the tail-end of 2019 and dropped his debut EP, Natureland, at the beginning of 2020. Since then, the 23-year-old from South London has penned a deal with Polydor and looks set to have a year to remember in 2021, with ‘Leaves Blow Over’ getting off Maxwell’s year to a noteworthy start.

‘Leaves Blow Over’ still incorporates various styles under one roof like Maxwell has done to great success so far. His lyrics are raw and personal that is a stark contrast with the bright bedroom-pop sounds that accompany them.

Maxwell opens the track by singing: “I just wanna leave the city, Breathe some cleaner air, leave my cares and my self pity, eh, I just wanna be a star so I can drive around my head in an expensive car, I just wanna be Chad Kroeger, You could be my Avril ’til the leaves blow over.”

“‘Leaves Blow Over’ is about just dipping out, it’s kinda short’ n’ sweet, like a daydream,” Maxwell commented about the song. “The song lets me stretch my lyrical limbs out and I get to play on some of the imagery that comes into my head throughout, a stream of consciousness in that sense. I love short songs and what it lacks in size I think it makes up for in stature.”

The song might only be 90-seconds long, but as Maxwell says himself, it’s short and sweet. The track’s length stops it from ever overstaying its welcome and makes the listener immediately want to take flight on another listen. Whilst making such a short single is one smart way of clocking your streams up on Spotify, ‘Leaves Blow Over’ manages to offer up a delicate snapshot inside Maxwell’s world inside that time and practises the art of simplicity to a fine degree.