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A new Joe Strummer greatest hits album will be released next month


A brand new greatest hits collection from the late, great Joe Strummer will arrive next month and has got fans of the singer from his time both with and without The Clash eagerly awaiting some previously unreleased songs.

It’s a collection that has been created using carefully selected singles, rarely heard Clash songs, fan favourites and a host of other songs that confirm Strummer as the greatest punk lead singer of all time. Assembly will arrive on March 26th on George Harrison’s record label Dark Horse, which is now run by his son Dhani.

A 15-track collection, the record will not only bring snippets from the studio, but live versions of songs too, including two live performances of ‘Rudie Can’t Fail’ and ‘I Fought The Law,’ which were recorded by Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros during a 2001 performance at Brixton Academy.

The Mescaleros, perhaps Strummer’s most aligned outfit, feature on the album heavily. As well as ‘Johnny Appleseed’, arguably Strummer’s best post-Clash song, there are spots for ‘Yalla Yalla’ and ‘Coma Girl’. There’s also a little heard cover of Bob Marley’s ‘Redemption Song’ that shines brightly.

Jakob Dylan takes on the job of writing the liner notes of the album, and it accurately captures the searing spirit which Strummer imbued all of his songs with.

There’s no doubt that Strummer’s spirit lives on through his music, but it has been such a long while since we’ve heard something new, that this release is likely to have his fans eagerly anticipating the arrival of March 26th.

For now, listen below to Strummer’s cover of Bob Marley hit ‘Redemption Song’.