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(Credit: L7)


Joan Jett teams up with L7 for a new version of 'Fake Friends'


Californian rock band L7 has teamed up with punk icon Joan Jett for a new rendition of ‘Fake Friends’.

The reworking of Jett’s 1983 class sees the 61-year-old contribute with vocals and guitar. “To have Joan’s vocals on this track along with mine is super surreal and cool,” L7’s Donita Sparks explained in a statement.

“Our band has experienced many fake friends, especially when you’re down. Some of these people you thought were your friends are nowhere to be found. Your phone calls aren’t returned, etc. It’s painful and it sucks. Then you find out who your true friends are.”

Sparks continued: “When the tour got cancelled due to this horrible virus, we decided to release the tracks as a way to keep our fans’ spirits up a bit, as well as our own. New material gets everyone excited and happy and maybe gets them dancing around their cribs.

“That’s something positive the band can do for our fans in these uncertain times. When rock n’ roll duty calls, L7 answers.”

Stream the song, below.