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Joan Collins says the attitude to consent culture is "out of control"

Joan Collins has sparked some controversy by claiming that the attitude to consent culture is “out of control”. 

Collins, 85, made an appearance on daytime TV show Good Morning Britain when the conversation turned to consent and, in turn, the major awareness that was sparked by the #MeToo movement in recent years. 

Collins said: “What’s going to happen to seduction? Is it not going to be allowed any more? Is somebody going to have to ask permission to the parents before they kiss a girl?”

She added: “It’s absolutely becoming out of control, and it seems to have happened in the last two years.”

The debate was sparked by the news that some radio stations have taken the decision to ban iconic Christmas song ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’ because of its questionable lyrics. The track, written by Frank Loesser in 1944, has lyrics that insinuate date rape against a woman’s wishes. 

Collins hasn’t taken too kindly to the modern reading of the lyrics, labelling the calls to ban the track “preposterous” before adding that “it seems to get worse and worse. ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ is one of the sweetest numbers − gentle and kind and funny and tuneful. How dare they?”

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