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(Credit: Andrew Smith)


Revisit a teenage Jimmy Page landing his first ever number one back in 1963


There area few legends in rock and roll that are actually true. Some times they’re hugely exaggerated but most of the time they are just plain false. But Jimmy Page, the legendary guitarist for Led Zeppelin can attest to at least one being true. He was a part of pretty much every good song in the early sixties.

That’s because, before The Yardbirds and later Led Zeppelin could tear him away to pursue his own projects, a young Jimmy Page worked as a session guitarist.

It meant the soon-to-be rock legend had a hand in some of the decades best songs before he was even a professional musician and long before he would stages alight as the violin bow-wielding guitarist of the ages..

It’s hard to fathom but if Jimmy Page wasn’t backing The Who and The Kinks on rhythm guitar, he was doing lead work on early tracks by David Bowie and the Rolling Stones or lending his hand to Nico’s latest venture. Page was always busy.

Before The Beatles really took over the world and before The Rolling Stones would dominate the stage there was one band in England that everybody adored—The Shadows. Despite their huge popularity, the band would eventually split off.

Bassist Jet Harris and drummer Tony Meehan would break away from the group and develop their own project. It was here that Page would find his music at the top of the charts for the first time as the duo came together to write and record the instrumental single ‘Diamonds’. welcoming a teenage Jimmy Page on acoustic guitar.

Arriving on the charts in January 1963 by the end of the month the single had topped the singles chart and suggested that despite his relatively small role, Page may well be one of the brightest musicians in London.

Listen to the great Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page’s first number one, ‘Diamonds’ from way back in 1963.