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Jimmy Page recalls playing Led Zeppelin songs with Foo Fighters


One would think that Jimmy Page could form or join any band he wanted. As the legendary guitar player for all-time rock greats Led Zeppelin, Page is about as revered as a six-string player can possibly get. If he wants to hop on stage with you, there’s not a single musician in the world who would say no.

Strangely enough, Page seems to have implied that he was left out of the formation of a recent supergroup. In a post commemorating the time that he and fellow Zeppelin survivor John Paul Jones joined the Foo Fighters at Wembley Stadium in 2008 to play a few Zeppelin songs, Page implies that the initial seeds for Them Crooked Vultures were planted that night.

“During the post-O2 period, I had been playing new material with Jason Bonham and John Paul Jones at rehearsal rooms,” Page recalls in the post. “I was asked to play with the Foo Fighters at Wembley. This was after the Led Zeppelin show at the O2 attended by Dave Grohl. John Paul Jones and I played ‘Ramble On’ and Dave sang with Taylor Hawkins on drums. Then Taylor swapped drums with Dave and he sang ‘Rock and Roll’.”

After Led Zeppelin reunited for the 2007 concert Celebration Day, the band’s instrumentalists continued to practice in hopes of a more long-term tour falling into place. Robert Plant eventually baulked on the idea, and instead of finding a replacement singer, the trio decided to pack it in, likely putting Led Zeppelin to rest for good.

Page felt that an invitation from Grohl would lead to a new project with Jones, but according to Page, the engagement fell through. At least, it did for him. “Dave Grohl said: ‘You guys should come to the States and record with us.’ I didn’t hear anything more from Grohl, and John Paul Jones’ communications seemed to dim. The next I heard, they were promoting their new group⁣,” Page concludes.

It might seem hard to believe that Grohl purposefully ghosted Jimmy Page to instead install Josh Homme as Them Crooked Vultures’ guitar player. What’s more likely is that Homme and Grohl had been planning the group outside of the more direct Zeppelin connection, as Grohl is on record as having proposed the idea for the group as early as 2005.

In any case, it’s hard to think of Them Crooked Vultures being any better, but the addition of Jimmy Page just might have elevated them a tiny bit.