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Credit: Julio Zeppelin


The Led Zeppelin classic that Jimmy Page and John Bonham didn't like

Led Zeppelin, like any rock ‘n’ roll outfit, would have disagreements on occasion. However, by the mid-70s, those issues had come closer to the surface and the band had to accept that differences of opinion were part of the job, if they were to continue on as the dominant force in rock.

This meant that the group had to go ahead with songs that not all of the band members were necessarily on board with and, more specifically, there is one song that Jimmy Page and John Bonham both agreed on their disapproval of. That song was the heartfelt ‘All My Love‘ which showcased a softer side to the band and one the power players weren’t so keen to show.

The track in question came after a torturous decade for the band, one which would ultimately end up being the end of their 12-year run, following the tragically premature death of drummer John Bonham. Many would argue that the drummer was the glue that kept the group together as he signified their trademark powerful sound. Without Bonham, they could just not go on.

The decade also saw John Paul Jones take a break in 1973, a decision which came after an absolutely gruelling tour in support of their record Houses of the Holy and he just couldn’t bring himself to go back on the road anytime soon. However, the band kept on going strong with their self-released and Jimmy Page produced Physical Graffiti in 1975.

Tragedy then struck following the death of Robert Plant’s young child in 1977 while the band were touring in the States, an incident which led the group to take a two-year break before returning in the most grandiose manner with an epic two-night residency at Knebworth and with the release of their final album In Through The Out Door.

The album was a poignant one which saw Plant pay tribute to his son, Karac, on the heartbreaking ‘All My Love’ which is a gorgeous and emotionally heavy track that is seemingly a perfect way for the frontman honouring his child. However, this song was less than perfect though in the eyes of Jimmy Page and John Bonham who thought that the track was ‘too soft’.

Looking back on the album in 1993, Page said he and John Bonham considered it “a little soft” and he called out the softest target of them all ‘All My Love’ directly. “I was a little worried about the [‘All My Love’] chorus,” Page said in an interview published in Brad Tolinski’s Light and Shade.

“I could just imagine people doing the wave and all of that. And I thought ‘That is not us. That is not us’.” However, Page didn’t want the song to be taken off the album as it was one that Robert Plant delivered straight from his heart.

“In its place it was fine, but I would not have wanted to pursue that direction in the future,” he said.

Source: Cheatsheet