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(Credit: Wikimedia)


Revisit one of Jimi Hendrix's finest performances: 'Foxey Lady' live at Miami Pop Festival 1968


Jimi Hendrix was a mercurial talent that was tragically lost way before he had time to truly enter his peak. However, despite passing away aged just 27, he is still rightly viewed as one of the most loved rockstars of all time who had that special something—as this performance of ‘Foxey Lady’ at 1968’s Miami Pop Festival proves.

Hendrix was the archetypical festival headliner, one who guaranteed to put on a show-stopping performance which would keep the whole audience on the edge of their seats. Having already proved his star quality at Monterrey Pop Festival, the following year at Miami Pop Festival saw Hendrix appear as though he was tailored to be performing on the biggest stages.

The summer event was officially titled on promotional materials and in radio advertisements as the ‘1968 Pop and Underground Festival’ or ‘The 1968 Pop Festival’, which lead to some confusion about what the event was actually called. Nevertheless, there was an estimated 25,000 people who attended this historic event. Artists who featured alongside The Jimi Hendrix Experience included the likes of The Mothers of Invention, Blue Cheer, Chuck Berry, John Lee Hooker, The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Blues Image, Charles Austin Group, and Evil.

The opening act on Saturday was an obscure group called The Package with all roads leading to a closing set from the imperial Jimi Hendrix Experience. The festival was billed as being a two-day event however, Sunday’s concert was rained out, but it wasn’t all bad news as it inspired Hendrix to write ‘Rainy Day, Dream Away’.

Decades later, the festival began to be referred to in legend as the ‘Miami Pop Festival‘ which was an entirely different event which took place in December 1968.

Hendrix treated the Miami crowd to a euphoric 10-song set which began in epic style with ‘Fire’ and saw the guitar god perform the likes of ‘Hey Joe’, ‘Red House’ before finishing with a beautiful rendition of ‘Purple Haze’ — but it would be ‘Foxey Lady‘ which signified the highlight of the set and is one of Hendrix’s finest performances of his iconic career.

The legendary set would later be released as a live album in 2013, which shows an artist at the pinnacle of their career and is a truly incredible watch. Take it in for yourself and watch Hendrix in fifth gear performing ‘Foxey Lady’, below.