Credit: YouTube


Watch Jimi Hendrix perform Elvis' 'Hound Dog' as part of an acoustic backstage jam


Rarely seen footage of Jimi Hendrix performing is a holy grail for many fans. An icon with such a short period in music means much of his work has been pawed over again and again with no stone left unturned. You can imagine our joy when we found this little gem of the guitar genius performing Elvis’ classic, ‘Hound Dog’.

Not only is the footage a candid video of Hendrix in a familiar backstage setting conducting an impromptu jam session, but it’s one of the rare moments on film he does so with an acoustic guitar.

Hendrix’s importance on rock and roll is undeniable—but most of that was done with his electric guitar plugged in and charged to the max. It makes for curious watching when you catch the virtuoso on the traditional variant of the instrument, even more so when he’s paying homage to the royalty of rock and roll.

Hendrix reworks the classic to make it his own—as if you didn’t already know he would—and leaves a final track which has the entourage screaming for more.

It marks one of the only times he picks up the acoustic guitar on camera. The other time can be found below also, as part of a 1973 documentary Jimi Hendrix and sees the guitarist play ‘Hear My Train A-Comin” on a 12-string with a devastating effect.

Nothing, though, can compare to the off-the-cuff rendition of the Elvis iconic tune. Surrounded by women with fluttering eyelashes, Hendrix provides an astounding cover that not only proves his love of the blues and the rock and roll that came out of them but that Hendrix is just as impressive without the wattage.

So next time you bump into a Spanish guitar expert and they suggest Hendrix was only really great because of the electrified amp then just point them this way and these two incredible acoustic performances.